When To Replace Gutters and Downspouts

While gutters are designed to not be very noticeable, or take away from the way a house looks, they are crucial to protecting a home and ensuring many aspects of the home stay in functional condition. Gutters typically last several years, but it is important that each homeowner watches for signs that their gutters are no longer functioning properly. Not only will water not be draining in the proper place, damage can be caused throughout other parts of the home as well! Make sure to clean your gutters and keep them in prime condition, as well as know when they need to be replaced.

There are several signs that your gutters may not be in good enough condition, that you should keep in mind when inspecting your home:

1. Visible Wear

The most obvious sign that your gutters may need to be replaced is damage that you can see on the gutter itself. When examining your gutters, check for cracks; larger cracks may be visible all the time while smaller cracks may only be noticeable when it is raining. While some cracks in a gutter can be repaired, too many defeat the purpose of even having gutters, and drainage will go in places it is not supposed to. Not only is it annoying to walk under a hole in a gutter, when they are left alone and not fixed they can cause other damage that is much more costly. When looking for cracks in the gutters, be sure to pay extra attention to the seams, where there may be too much stress. These places are where leaks as well as separations between pieces are most common.

2. Paint Peeling

Many of the signs that your gutters need replaced are not even in the gutters themselves. When inspecting your gutters, check your home for areas where paint appears to be peeing or bubbled. These areas are caused by excess moisture, which is often a sign there is a fault in a nearby gutter. Malfunctioning gutters can ruin paint jobs, even if everything was painted properly. If you see peeling or bubbling, check nearby gutters and consider a gutter repair or complete gutter replacement, if the issue seems extensive.

3. Mildew and Rot

Even if excess moisture doesn’t cause paint to peel or bubble, it may lead to mildew and rot of other parts of the house over time. Water damage can be extremely ruinous to a home, and checking gutters is an easy way to try to prevent other parts of your home from accumulating excess moisture and even flooding over time. Keep gutters clean and ensure there are no cracks to help prevent water from overflowing in the gutter and spilling over onto areas of the house that aren’t made to endure excess water. With the gutters, also check downspouts. Together, they help keep water away from the foundation of the house. When moisture accumulates on the foundation of the house, mildew can be a very unhealthy consequence.

Metal Roof Replacement

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